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Promo cover for Chris's new album due to released in the next year.

Chris Hu, the man, the myth, the legend is considered one of the Gods of Stream Monsters. He has been one of the forerunners in Streamalogy and has provided many stream monsters countless hours of entertainment with his witty and in-depth commentary on fighting games as well as life itself. He is one half of Team Rush Hour (Chris and Aquasillk). In his spare-time, Chris enjoys sisters (both little and elder) as well as singing.


Known For[]

Enjoying the finer taste of both little and elder sisters, if you have one contact me at my twitter @ChrisHuRocks.

Being one half of Team Rush Hour along with Aquasilk.

Being one of the most quoted members of the FGC.

Having the voice of a chinese angel.

Currently working on his album, single has been released.

Constantly reminding chat monsters that New York is a magical place and/or that niggas get blowned up in New York.


16 is barely ok.: Refers to a quote by Chris Hu when he spoke of sisters he would like to meet and become friends with, 16 being the minimum age.

Set Mad Salt to the Rain: Chris Hu's first single coming from his soon to be released album. This song tells of his friend Han(HZY).

You don't scare! I don't scare!: Refers to a quote said by Chris Hu during a match between [Rico Suave and Swift](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GAu4IAsW-E), where Rico shows no fear and going in.

Estaka! Estaka!and more Engrish

Best Bipson: Refers to Chris Hu mispronouncing the Street Fighter charcter M. Bison's (Dictator) name when Andrew (Twisted Jago/Jago) Lambert, a M. Bison player, played Diago Umehara at Seasons Beatings: Redemption in 2010.[1]