One of the larger members of the FGC. Once sponsored by Evil Genius thanks to his friendship with Justin Wong and Ricky Ortiz, Floe now spends his fighting game career as a personality, cohosting Capcom Pro Talk along side Mike Ross.

Floe's Carpet Stain Story Edit

This story was shared by Viscant during one of the San Diego streams. Although the link is now dead, you can find remnants through /r/Kappa comments: .

Basically, Ricky Ortiz and Arturo Sanchez lock themselves in Floe's room to partake in some anal sex. When Floe finds out, he opens the room and notices a stain on the carpet. A flustered Floe pressures Ricky and Art for the source of that stain. No response. Most believe the stain to be shit. Others believe the stain to be the physical manifestation of shame.

Twitch Emote Edit

The Twitch Emote "DansGame", has long been used to represent Floe. Popular fake codes to describe how to do the DansGame emote include, Floe Face (no space), and Floe Nigga Floe (no space).