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Lupe about to expose a fraudulent Diego.

Lupe "Da Beast Killa" Fiasco is an underground super power just coming to light in the FGC. He is known for convincingly bodying Diego Umejuarez in a best of three set, leaving Diego crippled from mashing too hard.


From a young age, Fiasco had been bodying low-tier scrubs in arcades and on consoles at Street Fighter until SFIV when he decided that the game had gotten "too easy". By 2016 though, Lupe was tired of all the frauds popping off, and got in contact with reps over at the prestigious MadCatz to "put da Beast down." In what was viewed as a bold move, Lupe teamed up with head Capcop and his connect, Peter "Dopefiend" Rosas, to study up on Diego for what seemed like the match of the century. However this was just a front as Lupe knew Diego was ass and spent his prep time "turning up" in the MadCatz lounge. Despite Diego sabotaging his stick mid fight, Lupe took it 2-0 in a best of three set and was later projected to win EVO 2016 and all future EVOs.

"What can I say? You don't have to pop off about a free lunch." -- Lupe Fiasco, post match quote

To the surprise of the FGC, Lupe retired and went back to his music career citing the lack of monetary motivation as the main reason for his departure. He did however give Diego his jacket as he felt bad kicking a defenseless animal to the curb in the middle of February. Dat El Nino.

Signature MovesEdit

  • Lupe/Loopy Shoryu: An unpredictable dragon punch that is unblockable and auto-corrects in range (not just direction). Because of it's god-like inherent properties, some people in the FGC have come to call this move trashy low tier spam, but in reality it takes the skills of a true Grandmaster to pull off.
  • Kick, Push, Kick, Push: Lupe's signature strategy with Ken from Street Fighter 5. Originally Ken had a lamer and weaker V-Skill, but with the advent of Lupe, Cappacom decided to totally redo it so that Ken could ride people right into the corner like a skateboard... and I guess also set up some combos.