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Picture of a Mike Ross in it's natural habitat.


88: Refers to Mike Ross's feature film, "88 the Movie".

The Best: Mike Ross often refers to himself as being "The Best,".

Get Him Gootecks!: Refers to an episode of Marvelous Adventures in which Mike Ross encourages Gootecks to quote unquote "Get him". Since then, it has become a popular phrase among stream monsters.

Believe: A popular stream monster pastime is the act of believing in Mike Ross,.

"Human Being": The neutral nickname given to Mike Ross during CEO 2012. When Mike wins his nickname is transformed into "Maximum Human" and when he loses, his nickname becomes "Only Human." (Kosher Army General UltraDavid and Dive-Impersonator James Chen revealed this true nickname.)

Mike "Mike 'Mike Ross' Ross" Ross: A running stream monster gag where one pretends Mike Ross's gamer tag is also his name within his gamer tag within his name. The joke allegedly becomes funnier the more one adds Mike Ross into this gag. This is always true.

Mike "Cage Crusher" Ross: for popping off and destroying the caged ring during CEO after beating Yipes in a best of 1 MvC3 team match.

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