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This article is about Capcom's 2012 fighting game, Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken (Suturito Faita Kursou Timeru Scameru) is fighting game developed by Capcom and released in March 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox360. The PC version was released later that year in October. The game features playable characters from the hapless street fighter franchise and ResidentSleeper-inducing tekken series.

The game was received by well by journalist and capcom dick slurpers who praise the games deep roster and unique game mechanics. However, Capcom was soon put on blast as it was soon discovered that they were charging for on disk DLC, but morons still continued to support it.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay composed of 2 on 2 teams with the objective to defeat 1 character of the opposing team to win the match. The game featured a new idiotic mechanic called '"chain combos", which allowed players to "piano" moves from light to heavy and cancel to either a special move or launcher. The chain mechanic led to the discovery of prolonged combos and hard to watch spooky streams. Another mechanic called Gems could be equipped to add small buffs such as health and defense to add "depth" to the game. Alongside with the standard single player mode, online featured questionable (straight bus ass) netcode for online lobbies and team battle. You guys remeber the Auto-Block gem? That shit was the most funniest thing I ever seen a company implement into a game.

Development Edit

Prior to EVO 2010, Street Fighter 4's producer Yoshinori Ono teased the announcement of a new fighting game which was initially believed to be a new entry to the retired Darkstalkers series. Before EVO 2010's Street Fighter grand finals Ono released another teaser and was met on stage by Harada da gawd. Later that year at Street Fighter 4's panel at Comic Con Harada appeared from the crowd handiing out copies of Tekken 6 and eventually confirmed the existence of Street Fighter X Tekken. Harada also announced a related project that would be developed by Namco, Tekken X Street Fighter, which is slated to release right after the Nuclear War and the events of Fist of the North Star, so around 2055 give or take.

Marketing and Controversey Edit

In collaboration with Iplaywinner and Team Spooby, Capcom released the show Cross Assault which was broadcast on Twitch.Tv. The show was composed of 2 teams, Team Street Fighter and Team Tekken, as they competed in elimination style challenges and Evo seeding points with winner getting a grand prize of $25,000. Things did not go smoothly, as the show received harsh criticism for featuring sexual harassment of a female player, mainly from team coach, Hagrid.

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Tasha Reign

So I bought the game last year for shits and giggles for like $9. Was I overcharged? I was overcharged wasn't I.